This web site design was created for a restaurant. The actual restaurant puts you elsewhere when you enter the doors. 
The atmosphere with all the wood decorating, gives a sense of richness. I had to relay this sense to the web, which I found using a wood pallet background modified a little in Photoshop, tweaking the color contrasts and saturations

The web site for La-Quiete based in Italy was designed for a Inn based in a quiet secluded location in the forests of Italy. The design metaphor for this site was to be the look and feel of Italy with a touch of greenery to give a feel for forests and seclusion.

This site is still under development for a Benefit Company. They provide total benefit packages for companies and corporations throughout the nation.

The Maddy Institute was a site I developed for Fresno State University, Fresno.

This site was developed for a company that manufactured agricultural stakes for the Ag industry and shipped around the world.  This site was developed in two languages English and Spanish.

This web site was created about 10 years ago and is for a Water Filtration Co. in Fresno, CA. It allow users to download brochures in pdf format and has lots of other useful technical

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