This gallery is a compiled set of drawings created using Autodesk Inventor. Using the client's specifications and P&ID's, these drawings where developed.
Main Reverse Osmosis Building Layout

Video Displaying All Primary System Assembly Components

Overall System Layout Video

Backwash System

Video Displaying the Backwash Cleaning System Components

Clean In Place (CIP) System

Video Displaying the Clean-In-Place System Components

Cartridge System

Video Displaying the Cartridge Filter System Components

Multimedia Filters

Video Displaying the Multimedia Cartridge System Components

PX-Energy Recovery System

Video of Energy Recovery System Components

Dosing Building Layouts

Dosing Building Overview

1st Pass Reverse Osmosis Train
1st Pass Reverse Osmosis Frame
2nd Pass Reverse Osmosis Train
2nd Pass Reverse Osmosis Frame
PVC Piping Spools

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