This CD Rom cutting machine was imported from Australia.  Valued at 100K plus, it was able to Cut precisely multiple stacks of CD Rom's.  You would create your CD cutting design in Autocad and export to .dxf format for importing into the CAD/CAM system.  The code would need to be optimized and limits setup and cutting would then proceed.
Below are the various CD Rom shapes and designs created.  The multimedia content was created using Adobe Flash Software and Macromedia Director Interactive design software.  These CD Rom's where developed in 2001.
The replication process would include one CD with High Resolution Artwork, and the second Cd would have the multimedia content.  The CDs would get shipped to Taiwan for replication, which means the artwork and media would be transferred over to 100's and sometimes thousands of CDs.  The final CDs would then be shipped back to US where we would then cut the shapes as seen below.
Continuing from the above discussion, below are the Graphical User Interfaces or GUI's, that where developed in software like Illustrator and Photoshop thats would allow the user to navigate around the content with ease.

Kiosk Demo Video

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