Maxtools - 3D Studio Scripts
Physically Based - A database of physically based values for CG artists
The PBR Guide  - Part 1
FreeConvert - An online Video Converter - VOB to MP4 - 3D Model Library
PureRef - Excellent FREE tool for capturing reference images for modeling
xNormal - Bakes Your Maps
Normal Map Online GamesFromScrach - Excellent resource
Texture Maps Explained - Essential for All Texture Artists
SCRIPTSPOT - 3D Studio Scripts and more
Texttools - Excellent 3D Studio plugin - See Image Below
Floor Generator - 3D Studio Plugin
Preview: Camera Mapping to Clipboard (TexTools 3.0)
TexTools is a collection of UV and Texture related scripts for 3dsmax 9 and up that can be very easily installed. It was initially started to improve my personal workflow of UV-editing and Texture previewing in 3dsmax. Eventually I ended up creating scripts that other UV tools can not do or do not yet provide.
When using TexTools you will see a Toolbox inside the GUI of 3dsmax. Most functions only work if you are in the editUVW mode in 3dsmax (unwrap UVW modifier and then the edit button).
Fraction - Decimal - Millimeters
AUTODESK UNIVERSITY 2008 by Pierre-Felix Breton
Photopea - Free online Photoshop like photoeditor
CANVA - Online Website Design Studio
CreateStudio - Easily Create PIXAR Style 3D Videos
Gradient - Really Cool gradient making website to use for Photoshop or web
Figma - Great resource collector and prototyping web browser application
Material Icons - Material symbols and icons
Microstock Keyword Tool - As the link explaings.  Helps with creating keywords
Asteroom - World-Class 3D Tours made simple
Materialize - Free to Use Texture Creature (Height, Diffuse, Normal, Metalic, Smoothness, Edge, AO, maps)
Lorem Ipsum - Text generation website.  Great for Website prototyping
Typescale - Great for website design - Web Design
Google Material Symbols - Fonts & icons- Web Design
UI Goodies - Website UI Design Tools
Color Phsycology - Learn the phsycology & theory of colors
Adobe Color Wheel - Complimentatry color, retrieve color from uploaded images etc.
Font Awesome - Lots of Website icons, 
IMPORTANT File Resolutions

8K - 7680 X 4320
4K - 3840 X 2160
2.5K - 2304 X 1296
2K - 2560 X 1440
FULL HD - 1920X1080
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